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Surgical Units

From truly smart Endoscopic devices and visualization with up to 4k resolution to Ackermann Connect™ 2.0, our portable device perfectly designed for diagnostics.


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Fusion™ Endoscopic Tower System

Every Surgeon's virtual Assistant

Today's technology has brought us many incredible advances in the world of surgical units.

The Fusion FullHD camera technology offers a revolutionary unique touchless instantaneous personalization by NFC cards with unlimited user profiles and realtime parameter optimization. Its USB recording capability makes it easy to capture and store images and videos of each surgical procedure. Additionally, it is compatible with 4K monitors and our 4k scopes.

Our Fusion system is completed by the Fusion 2 L/min - 45 L/min Insufflator featuring automatic flow management, showing the remaining insufflation time displayed in minutes and the 300 W Xenon equivalent Fusion™ LED lightsource with automatic light cable detection and light adjustment.

Fusion Endoscopic Tower

Connect™ 2.0 Portable System

Powerful, compact & user-friendly

The Connect 1CMOS FHD camera system is ideal for image display on regular laptops and desktop PCs. It features a 1/2” 1CMOS sensor with a 1920 x 1080 p resolution, and a USB 3.0 output for extremely fast, no-latency image quality. 3 buttons on the camera head control white balance, photo and video capture, digital zoom and an anti-moire filter function for fiberscopes.

The portable LED lightsource is a great option for those needing a powerful yet compact lighting solution. It is user-friendly, featuring plug and play technology, and can be adjusted quickly and easily with only one single button. 

Ackermann Connect is fully compatible with all rigid and flexible scopes, fiberscopes and rigid endoscopes.

Connect Portable System
Duo FullHD & LED

Duo™ FullHD & LED

2in1 Endoscopic Camera & Lightsource

Ackermann Duo™ is a FHD 1CMOS camera system with LED lightsource that provides a 180 W Xenon equivalent output and three programmable buttons on the camera head. It offers a 2-in-1 compact, as well as portable solution which is ideal for small cavities such as Urology, ENT, Hysteroscopy and Arthroscopy - the allrounder for pre-, intra- and post-operative use.


Duo™ camera provides a high-quality image with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 p, LED life-time of 50.000 hours and an intuitive navigation system.



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