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Full HD laparoscope, Ø 5 mm, 300 mm

Full HD laparoscope, Ø 5 mm, 300 mm

€2,476.19 *

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Viewing angle:

  • 11-1120HD
  • 0,097 kg
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Ackermann's technological expertise in developing and manufacturing scopes has grown over many years and is the foundation for our high-quality optical products. The stainless steel housing (no pre-manufactured plastic) of the lenses ensures that no cracks will result from autoclavation. A proprietary optical design delivers superior illumination, resolution and depth of field. The Ackermann patented thermal expansion composer provides higher durability than standard rigid solutions. All our scopes are autoclavable by default and laboratory tests have affirmed their reliability with the scopes withstanding more than 375 sterilization cycles without any loss in quality. Furthermore, that improved durability is guaranteed in all methods of sterilization. Extremely bright pictures and lenses made out of specially manufactured sapphire glass, all the way from back to front. The Ackermann Gold Version optics provide highest picture quality combined with brilliance. This ensures best performance throughout many autoclavation cycles and prevents distortion on both color and sharpness. The Gold Scopes are characterized by highest resolution and depth of view, larger magnification, wide angle, excellent illumination and swiss made coated lenses. A patented lifetime extension completes this unique line of scopes. We offer scopes for the following applications:

? Arthroscopy
? Laparoscopy
? Miniature Laparoscopy
? Urology
? Hysteroscopy



? Made of high-quality stainless steel
? Sapphire glass lense at proximal and distal end
? Sophisticated, anti-reflective optical system
? Excellent optical transmission
? Highly refractive lenses for optimum colour rendering even at high magnification
? Includes various adapters (Ackermann, Storz*, Olympus*, Wolf*, ACMI*)
? Extremely precise centering of the optical and mechanical components for a brilliant and high-contrast image right up to the edge area
? Powerful optical fibersd
? Nitrogen filled optical system to avoid fogging from the inside
? Three-tube construction for more stability
? C-Mount camera coupler
? Excellent optical transmission



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